Do You Need An Eyebrow Intervention?

Diva Eyebrow ShapingBeautiful eyebrows are a feature that everyone will instantly recognize and appreciate. Eyebrows not only frame the eyes, but emphasize our facial expressions. The simple raising of an eyebrow can indicate feelings of surprise, happiness, sadness or anger.

Eyebrows balance the face and subtly direct others to look at our eyes when in conversation. A well-shaped, strong brow line provides a finished, polished look and visually gives an instant lift to the eye. Eyebrows can become a distraction, however, when tweezed into unnatural shapes. Incorrect shaping of eyebrows can send the wrong message.

We often see brows that do not suit a client’s face shape or cause permanent expressions of “surprise” or “anger” caused by an unsuitable eyebrow shape. Similarly, unruly overgrown eyebrows can make eyes appear droopy and aged.

Sometimes an eyebrow intervention must happen; and by this we mean, stop tweezing! We know seasonal trends can suggest a certain thickness or thinness of eyebrows, but ultimately stick with what is best for your face shape and lifestyle.

It takes an average of 64 days for an eyebrow hair to grow in after tweezing, sometimes longer if the hairs you want to grow back are in their resting phase. Different parts of the body have variable rates of hair growth, and at any time, 90% of the hair on your body is in a resting phase where it has stopped growing, falls out and then starts growing again. This explains why it takes time for eyebrows that have been over tweezed for years to come back. But with a little patience and a few tools, you can still create the perfect eyebrow.

Arch placement and tapering from inner thicker to outer thinner are the 2 most important things to remember if you re-shaping your eyebrows. Eyebrows that are the same thickness from beginning to end can’t show expression; eyebrows that are thick and round at the corner and start arching right away draw the eyes down and make you look angry.

For close set eyes, eyebrows should be thicker at the corner of the eye and gradually taper out towards the outer corners with the highest part of the arch just peaking over the outside of the iris. If you have wide set eyes, apply the same strategy, but this time have the highest part of the arch peak over the inside of the iris. Do not forget the middle of the eyebrow. Start eyebrows an eye width apart, not just from the corner of the eye.

Eyebrow tinting, shading in with pencils or shadows are a few options if you are looking to change your shape immediately, or if your eyebrows will not grow in.Eyebrow tinting provides amazing results as it stains fine hairs not visible to the eye creating a fuller, more natural appearance. Or, try a combination approach, using a pencil with powder. This is especially helpful if you have bald spots in your eyebrow or need to slightly extend the end of your brows so they frame your eyes better.

Are you thinking about re-shaping your eyebrows? Or is it an eyebrow intervention you need to stop over tweezing? Having your eyebrows professionally shaped is one of the most effective beauty treatments available.

The Best Bridal Makeup Starts with a Great Consultation

Planning a wedding can be an exciting yet overwhelming time for the newly engaged bride. So many decisions, plans, hopes and dreams to be realized, not to mention the costs involved. Your special day will be captured by your photographer forever, so of course you want to look your best! Choosing a hair and makeup team that shares your wedding day vision is an important part of this process. Beautiful brunette

When it comes to makeup for your wedding day, it is important to have a plan of action. Collecting different makeup looks from either Pinterest or magazines is a great way to start. Keep a small portfolio with similar looks that you can show your makeup artist. Think about what made your chose that makeup look. Did you like the soft dewy finish of the skin; the elegant yet strong eyebrow shape; the contoured jawline and highlighted cheekbones, or simply the colour of the eye shadow and lipstick?

Being able to communicate how you want to look and feel on your wedding day makes it easier for your makeup artist to deliver your best look. Your idea of “natural” might not be very natural at all. So be prepared to discuss and define what you are looking for. A makeup trial should also focus on other relevant wedding day facts such as:

What time of year are you getting married?

A mid-August outdoor wedding where the chance of humidity is great could affect the longevity of your makeup. Switching to silicone based airbrush foundation/concealer/blush etc . increases durability in warm temperatures.

What time of day is the ceremony?

Maybe your ceremony is a cocktail party inspired early evening gathering, so a light and natural application will need a bit more drama and depth for the best photos.

What is your overall wedding colour scheme?

Will your bridesmaids and your floral bouquet be soft muted tones, or rich and vibrant? Is your wedding dress pure white, ivory or blush?

These are important points of interest for a makeup artist to know. Together, you are creating a plan of action to achieve a long wearing makeup look appropriate for all types of venues, photography and lighting.

Wedding Make-up

Included in your plan should be some skincare fundamentals. Can your bridal look be improved upon if you start using a hydrating or brightening mask 4 weeks before your wedding day? Should you have a series of exfoliating facial treatments? Should you grow your eyebrows in more? What about eyelash tinting or eyelash extensions? This is why booking a makeup trial at least 2 months before the wedding date is recommended so there is time to get your skin, eyebrows and eyelashes in optimum shape

Our best makeup advice for a bride is to be thoughtful on your makeup selections, and comfort level. There is a difference between makeup you “like” and makeup you would “wear”. If you normally wear a super smokey eye and bold dark lips, do not be afraid to wear this look on your wedding day. However, if it’s typically not a look you would wear, don’t pick your wedding day to start experimenting. You want to look recognizable on your wedding day, and radiate happiness, beauty and confidence.

Bros Before ……Man Buns?

Something is happening among all the men out there. Have you seen it, too? It is a personal grooming awakening – a quiet hair revolution if you will.

I am not just talking about all the glorious beards, mustaches and other clever facial hair designs men are now sporting for #Movember , but in general, there is an increasing number of guys deliberatelyBeards_Buns growing facial hair and growing their hair longer all year round.

Movie stars, professional athletes ( look at all those baseball beards! ) co-workers, the young and the old are forgoing their shaving rituals for complete facial hair freedom. Trips to their childhood barbers or their favourite salons are grinding to a halt.

Men are getting even more low – maintenance. Jumping out of bed in the morning no need to shave today! and throwing their ever-growing mane of hair into a bun. That’s right. A Man Bun. Do I think less of that guy riding by on his bike with an itty bitty Man Bun sticking out from between his Beats by Dre? Nope.

It’s pretty sweet if you ask me because there is just something cool about a guy with a beard and/or a Man Bun. A super groovy beard/mustache combo and a perky little Man Bun, guys can really change up their look depending on their mood. Even that little scruff period guys go through while patiently waiting for their beard to fully take shape is kind of hip.

Men_fashionWhere does all this new found testosterone come from? Historically, full thick beards and rugged mustaches in some eras were symbolic of masculinity, and virility often equated with higher social status and power. However, in other eras, burly beards and unkempt facial hair was associated with poor hygiene or being un-civilized!

Throughout history the various lengths men wore their hair, just like beards and facial hair, was often dictated by the fashion of the time as well as social status. I think we can safely state that by today’s standards, beards, male facial hair, and overall length of male hair has transcended socio- economic associations. Men’s fashion retail and personal grooming service sales is globally on the rise and encompasses every demographic from young to old, working class to affluent.

Hipster_man_bunThe popularity of men with big ole’ beards and killer mustaches have been on the rise for the past several years. However the Man Buns (however omnipresent in some cultures) is a fairly recent trend being embraced by a culturally diverse population of men.

I am not sure how far this Man Bun thing will go, will it trend out and pass? Will it earn itself a place in social history beside the noble celebration of #Movember? Or, is it just a matter of time before it’s replaced by beefy sideburns – again?

So folks, be kind and supportive to your friends in the midst of their Man Bun affair. They just might be on to something…. or waiting for their beard to grow in.

What do you think of Man Buns?


Eyelash Extensions 101


The practice of enhancing one’s eyelashes through curling and applying mascara is routine for most women. Occasionally, you may decide to apply some falsies, or maybe even add a few clusters you found in a drawer from that wedding you were in last summer. However, the popularity of lash extensions is on the rise with women reporting they now include lash extensions as part of their “must haves” beauty regime.

Lash extensions are designed to not only extend the length of your natural lashes but make them appear fuller/thicker and darker. Lashes come in many lengths, thicknesses, colours and textures – from synthetic, to synthetic mink to real mink. Keep in mind though, as luxurious as mink may sound, synthetic lashes often hold their shape better and will not cause an allergic reaction.

Not everyone is a good lash candidate. Extremely short or missing lashes are hard to correct. If you pick at your lashes, rub your eyes a lot, or aren’t committed to brushing your new lashes and cleaning them thoroughly every day then lash extensions as a semi-permanent enhancement are not a good choice for you.

However, that doesn’t mean getting a new set of beautiful lashes just for a special event is a bad idea. Just remember that you need to return to the salon to have them removed if you don’t want to wait for them to grow out.

 The great thing about lash extensions is the customization, from soft and feathery, to bold and dramatic. Depending on the look you want to achieve, your lash stylist will apply anywhere from 40 to 100 lashes. Each individual lash is applied to each natural lash (never on the skin!) with a special bonding adhesive. Lash by lash. However tedious this must sound, the results are amazingly natural and produces long lasting results. The process generally takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

 Longevity of lash extensions really depend on three things: The overall quality of the lash adhesive, the lashes, and the application method; how well the lashes are maintained in between visits; and your overall lash health and growth cycle. On average, lash extensions last from 3 weeks to 6 weeks but we recommend every 4 weeks to book a “fill” service where more lashes are applied to the areas that have shed off due to the natural growth process.

As demand increases, some salons are jumping on the lash bandwagon, ordering glue from Ebay and passing off drugstore brand lashes as professionally sourced extensions. There is a distinct protocol for lash extensions that if not followed carefully could put the client at risk. Be very wary of any lash stylist claiming they can do a full new set of individual lash extensions in half an hour, or cannot show they have been professionally trained/certified with industry recognized lash systems. When it comes to lash extensions, you do get what you pay for.

Natural And False Eyelashes Before And After.

“Say Hello to my Little Friend….”


Move over Krispy Kreme, your days of office party guilty pleasures might be coming to an end. If you haven’t already heard, there’s a new pastry that is replacing the traditional coffee break sweet tooth. I’m referring to the new Pope of donuts – The Cronut –  that has patrons in some of the world’s largest cities lining up for blocks.

It was only in May of this year that Dominique Ansel launched his creation of a half -croissant and half- donut combination from his NYC bakery.  It appears to have the flakiness and layers of a croissant  combined with the “cake – i-ness” of a donut.  Inside they fill it with different flavoured creams  – every month a different feature ranging from the original Rose Vanilla launched in May, to June’s Lemon Maple, and now currently the Blackberry Cronut for July.

 Have a peek at their website Dominique Ansel Bakery and  you will see a delicious description of, and “how to get your Cronut” FAQ page that is a must read.

As a rule of thumb, if you arrive prior to 6:45am on a week day, you have a great chance of getting a Cronut. Please note there is a 2 person limit for in-store purchases. When in line, please do be considerate of the residences in the neighborhood and the others in line. Do not cut or reserve spots for friends and we hope you don’t endorse any scalpers you may see.

Scalpers! Cronuts are still in such high demand they are being sold on Craigslist   for up to 10 times the retail price  to NYC foodies  who do not want to wait hours in line at the bakery. Let’s hope the demand for Cronuts continues, and they become available at Tim Horton’s soon!

Want to make your own Cronut? See a recipe here.